Our Services

Logrus Consulting provides following services:

  • Standard Costing Based Analytics
  • Global Corporate Records Managements & Corporate Secretarial Software (BluePrint OneWorld) Distribution, Maintenance & Support
  • Enterprise Feedback applications and Services
  • Cloud based Access Control and Time Attendance tracking
  • Software Development & Support and Web Service Consulting with Offshore capabilities
  • Modelling & research


BluePrint OneWorld in Brief

Blueprint OneWorld harnesses the power of the Internet to give corporate company secretaries and those responsible for the management and recording of global corporate records, the ability, via the Internet or a corporate Intranet, to accurately and securely, access their corporate data from any location in the world using standard Internet-browser software. This means that users from around the world can work without having to observe different time zones, cope with different applications and deal with potential language barriers.

Blueprint OneWorld is a full 'born on the Web' application, and not simply an add-on or additional layer to a desktop product. Unlike similar applications that have been simply web-enabled, Blueprint OneWorld has been developed as a full Web application.

However, Blueprint OneWorld has not lost any of the core functionality offered by its desktop predecessors. As a Web application, it remains feature-rich, fast and above all, extremely comprehensive in its storage and reporting of data.

No document production functionality has been lost in its development as a web product. It uses the global standard industry wide, Word, Adobe and HTML formats to facilitate the production of statutory paperwork.

Enterprise Feedback Application and Services

Soorvey.com (http://soorveys.com, http://soorveys.co.uk) is a web based structured assessment and analysis system. It was built to serve all type of surveys and questionnaries with focus on simplicity of use and comprehensive report analysis.
It's basic features include:

  • Creating and editing questionnaires varying degrees of complexity and languages
  • Maintaining lists of respondents and work with them
  • Carrying out surveys among different groups of respondents
  • Rapid analysis of these responses with the possibility of segmentation and benchmarking
  • Getting user friendly and informative reports
  • Ability to export results for external systems analysis (e.g. SPSS)
  • Multilingual interface as well as content. One survey can be done in several languages for different responders.

Soorveys.com system is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

Cloud Solution for Access Control and Time Attendance tracking

Technical Features

  • Setting and reading of reports via a browser
  • Supports up to 32 controllers at a Z397-Web Converter
  • Management and control from anywhere in the world, mobile clients (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • A secure connection
  • Centralized management of multiple objects, regardless of their location
  • The service is free with a small number of controllers
  • The minimal costs of the equipment
  • 24-hour gathering information from the controllers
  • The http protocol connection - no additional setup for the proxy and firewall


The control of labor discipline GuardSaaS for time of arrival, departure and movement of the employee during working hours. Furthermore, the system control of the passage through the door, using a controller with locks. The system works like a "cloud" service on the Internet and eliminates the need for on-site computer that is running ACS.
If the following is provided for each employee ID cards or key fobs (IDs). Come or go into the room, must bring every employee ID to the reader, the controller that the card code, gives a command to release the door lock, if installed. Thus, records the time and the direction of passage of the employee.

With GuardSaaS system, you can:

  • Service via the internet several objects (each with its own Web Z397)
  • Prepare monthly, weekly and daily reports on the duration of the actual situation of the work of employees;
  • Identify violations of labor discipline;
  • Graphically view the movement of employees during the day;
  • Showing the change in the position of the employee quickly;
  • Block maps employee for a certain period, for example, if he (she) is on vacation;
  • informing by means of pop-up window, on the movement of people.

The Link to the service: http://guardsaas.com

Modelling & research

Using a range of widely adopted modeling solutions to business problems, we provide a range of modeling services, designed to significantly impact the way that our clients undertake their business.
Forecasting, Planning & Budgeting
Logrus Consulting works with CFOs, controllers and other finance department staff to analyze current processes, identify weakness and develop appropriate solutions for planning, budgeting and forecasting which may involve the implementation of new technologies to manage the processing and distribution of information - online / desktop apps instead of spreadsheets.  To achieve the greatest impact for your business, we also look at the strategic planning process and how it impacts the budgeting and forecasting processes.
Our performance management proposition is designed to understand the key drivers of value in the organisation. From this we develop planning, budgeting, and reporting frameworks around Key Risk indicators and Key Performance measures.
Data & Information
Companies often cannot rely on the information that serves as the very foundation of their primary business applications. Inaccurate or inconsistent data can hinder your company's ability to understand its current – and future – business problems. This leads to poor decisions that can cause a host of negative results, including lost profits, operational delays, customer dissatisfaction and much more.  An effective data quality strategy can help you better understand your business environment, allowing you to maximize profitability and reduce costly operational inefficiencies.
The goal of data management and our main focus is to provide the infrastructure to transform raw data into consistent, accurate and reliable corporate information. Its foundation consists of the five building blocks of data management technology:

  • Data Profiling – Inspect data for errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information
  • Data Quality – Correct, standardize and verify data
  • Data Integration – Match, merge or link data from a variety of disparate sources
  • Data Augmentation – Enhance data using information from internal and external data sources
  • Data Monitoring – Check and control data integrity over time

Benchmarking & Analysis
Too many organizations mistakenly set their sights on simply matching industry averages on common metrics like cost or productivity. However, given the pace of change and increasing emphasis on return on investment, average performance is no longer good enough; companies must reach for world-class or risk falling into the ranks of the poorest performers.
Benchmarking recognizes that no company is exceptional at everything. That is why it is an ongoing process involving firms from any industry and any country. It is not a one-shot event. There is no room for complacency. Benchmarking requires that you constantly search for better solutions. The rationale is, if you continuously search for best practices in the best firms around the world, you should become an exceptional company, and we believe we can help our clients with such mission.
Research Assistance
The most common problem any person in academia faces during research projects is data quality.  It might be related to data collation and extraction or data being not correctly structured for upload into statistical packages like Stata, Mathlab, etc.  We work with number of professors from top Business Schools assisting them by building customised tools for data extraction, structuring and normalisation.
Research papers and Articles Archive

Software Development & Support and Web Service Consulting with Offshore capabilities

Having a professional software development and web service consulting team in Eastern Europe Logrus Consulting (UK) LLP can offer its clients the highest level of technical expertise with a broad cross section of industry-specific business knowledge.
Our services are founded on technology and process expertise in eStrategy, B2B and B2C, eBusiness, and custom application development.
We are strategically selecting the Open Source as the base for application solutions and have broad experience to integrate Open Source into client’s current architecture.